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If you’re looking for Judo Jiu Jitsu for yourself, your children, or even for the whole family in the Bayonne, NEWARK, JERSEY CITY, STATEN ISLAND, BERGEN POINT areas, you’ve come to the right place!

In our totally unique, Applied Jiu Jitsu program, you’ll not only learn how to defend yourself and your family in virtually any situation, but you’ll also quickly (and safely) build muscle, melt fat, increase flexibility and gain a greater sense of quiet self-confidence. And children will learn to focus better, set and achieve inspiring goals, and learn how to relate to and get along better with others.

Imagine, giving your entire family the gifts of greater self-esteem, focus, and confidence this year!

You’ll accomplish all of this and more in our Universal Warrior Martial Arts mixed martial arts lessons!

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Look at what students are saying
mixed martial arts testimonialLife-Changing
“The most positive thing you can do to effect a change in your life is to practice Mixed Martial Arts.”
Alex Melendez
mixed martial arts testimonialMore confident, energetic, and happy!
“Ever since I started Mixed Martial Arts training I’ve become more confident, energetic, and happy! If I can do it, you can do it.”
T’iana Rick
mixed martial arts testimonialSelf-defense
“Ever since I started Mixed Martial Arts, I have the confidence that I can defend myself.”
Lani Johnson
mixed martial arts testimonialLost 25 pounds
“I know that practicing the mixed martial arts has helped me! I’ve lost 25 pounds, learned to control my emotions and be happier.”
Chris Nelson