about our mixed martial arts school

Grand Master Austin Wright Sr

UWMA 10th Dan and chief instructor at Universal Warrior Martial Arts in Bayonne.

Universal Warrior Martial Arts has become a landmark of Bayonne mixed martial arts.

Grand Master Austin Wright Sr leads an extremely talented group of instructors and black belts to bring you the pinnacle of modern Mixed Martial Arts curriculum and training. Get started now and find out how you can be healthier, happier, AND more successful through Universal Warrior Martial Arts training!

Universal Warrior Martial Arts is an institution of self-improvement and the home of champions. You and your family are in good, caring hands with the Universal Warrior Martial Arts team.

With their focus on creating a POSITIVE, safe, injury-free training environment, Universal Warrior Martial Arts has earned the reputation in Bayonne as well as NEWARK, JERSEY CITY, STATEN ISLAND, BERGEN POINT, of being the top Mixed Martial Arts school and character development center in the area.

Although some people think the mixed martial arts are about just fighting, our program is so much more.

When you train in our Mixed Martial Arts classes, you take advantage of the best self-improvement system in the world.

Through the practice of physical self-defense skills, you will follow a blueprint for a successful life based on discipline, focus, and perseverance.

You will experience the satisfaction that comes not from winning over others, but from winning over yourself as you become stronger, healthier, and happier than you have ever been in your life.

    • USA Hall of Fame’s Multi Disciplined GrandMaster of The Decade Bushido Award 2012. Dr. Jim Thomas.
    • Gary Alexander’s International Association of Mixed Martial Arts Award 2005.
    • GrandMaster Don Nagel’s Isshin-Ryu A.O.K.A. Hall of Fame Recognized “Hanshi” East Coast Alliance 1997.
    • North American Federation of Mixed Martial Arts 2007 & 2011. Master Jose Torres.
    • Mixed Martial Arts World Magazine of Mixed Martial Arts, GrandMaster Y.K. Kim International 2011.
    • Trelawney, Jamaica World Freedom Games 2005 & 2010 International World Grand Champions
    • Action Mixed Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame
    • Master Allen Goldberg 2016
    • Cervizzi Mixed Martial Arts Hall of Fame
    • Soke Paul Cervizzio 10th Dan 2013
    • Recognized Hanshi by A.O.K.A.
    • Kids World Karate, Ju-Jutsu and Mixed Martial Arts Champion’s Coach
    • Public School Educator / Special Needs
    • Industry Leader & Tournament Promoter
    • U.S. National Team NJ State Director
    • Featured in Mixed Martial Arts World Magazine 2011
    • Author of Universal WarriorArts Manual and Spiritually Motivating
    • Inspiration for Self-Defense.
    • Universal Warrior Mixed Martial Arts 10th Dan
    • Okinawan Isshin-Ryu Karate Hanshi 8th Dan
    • Japanese Ju-Jutsu Tactical Master Instructor
    • Kick-Boxing and Boxing Coach
    • International Inspirational Multi-Discipline Grand Master of the Decade U.S.A. Hall of Fame
    • 40 yrs of Asian Multi Discipline Training 1970’s
    • Personal Protection & Safety Instructor
    • Established since 1985

If you’re looking for information about the best Mixed Martial Arts programs in Bayonne and surrounding areas (like NEWARK, JERSEY CITY, STATEN ISLAND, BERGEN POINT), you’ve come to the right place. Universal Warrior Martial Arts will empower you with the self-defense and self-improvement programs you’ve been searching for!

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